Identify your best customers, retain them,

and find more like them.

Seize the Marketing Opportunity

Customer transactions, CRM, website and email activity all create valuable data. Our goal is to use data you already have to understand your customers and grow.

Sure Optimize uses the latest data technologies to help you identify your best customers, retain them, and find more like them.

We work with E-Commerce, Software-as-a-Service, and Subscription-based companies.

How can companies use technology to improve sales and create predictability in a fast-paced business world?

"Cutting-edge data technologies can be applied to marketing to create new opportunities while improving existing marketing activities."

David Curry, Founder and President
David Curry
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Data-Driven Marketing Services

Customer Optimize Engine

Use customer analytics and predictive behavioral models to take your customer data, predict future revenue, identify selling opportunities, and deliver personalized offers.

Email Optimize Engine

Combine data from separate systems to create custom customer segments. Create groupings of customers, tag customer groups in your email software, and send targetted messages for higher conversions.

Search Engine Optimization

Increase website traffic by aligning your website and brand with what people are looking for online.

Web Analytics

Use web data to understand user behavior, measure marketing performance and website optimization for better conversion.

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