Retain Your Customers

Identify the main factors for losing customers and create a winning retention strategy.

Losing Customers is Costly

Software-as-a-Service and other subscription-based companies have to keep existing customers for steady revenue.

Customer churn refers to customers who stop doing business with your company. Losing customers reduces sales revenue and has the hidden cost of acquiring new customers to make up for lost customers.

Cost of Customer Churn

Lost Revenue

Losing customers cuts your immediate revenue.

Lost Expansion

Loss of renewals, cross-sell, or up-sell opportunities.

Cost to Acquire

Marketing costs to acquire new customers.

Solving Customer Churn


Customer Churn Plot - Percent of Customers Lost Over Time

Using historical customer data, we can:

  • predict future customer churn.
  • explain the reasons why customers are leaving.
  • create a retention strategy.

We use advanced machine learning techniques to solve customer churn and create a winning retention strategy for your business.

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