Marketing Analytics

Establish Budget Transparency

Are you finding it hard to know if your money is well spent? Marketing analytics gives you the ability to see exactly what’s happening at every level of your KPIs — whether ROI, growth, or loyalty. With modern data tools, you can establish accountability across your budget and report back on every marketing dollar spent. 

Measure KPIs with Confidence

Go beyond clicks and views to understand which business metrics are being influenced by marketing and how that impacts business goals across the entire organization (such as revenue, market share, customer lifetime value, customer acquisition costs, churn, cross-selling, upselling). Your marketing programs should reflect what the business is trying to achieve overall.

Marketing analytics makes it easy for stakeholders across the business to access and understand performance metrics. Once aligned, everyone can collaborate on the goal of driving growth—working from the same facts about what data is available, how it’s being used, and its impact on overall marketing performance.

Take Control of Growth

The marketplace is moving fast, and you need to be able to make decisions in real-time.

With the right measurement system in place, use marketing analytics and AI-powered insights to adjust campaigns and budget allocations for the best possible performance. If the campaign is working, you can double down on the strategy; if not, you can change course right away. 

How We Help

Marketing Campaign Analysis

Improve your marketing campaigns by analyzing and monitoring campaign effectiveness, then fine-tune campaign targeting and messaging. 

Customer Segmentation

Segmentation is the basis for personalized marketing. Decrease customer churn and increase revenue by grouping customers and sending them relevant marketing.

Customer Retention

Define key factors that cause customer churn, identify customers who are most at risk of churn, and prioritize incentive marketing to maintain them. 

Customer Lifetime Value

Use customer lifetime value to prioritize spending decisions. Knowing customer lifetime value will identify high-value customers to create look-alike campaigns, and forecast future income.

Customer Data Platform

Combine CRM, transactions, email data, and more to create one system of record and insight for marketing.