Marketing Analytics

Extract consumer patterns from data and make informed marketing decisions.

Web Analytics

You understand the business need for analytics, but where do you even begin?

Our web analytics service translates web data to help you make informed decisions. We factor in your unique business goals to configure your account, provide easy access to performance data, and build confidence in your marketing decisions. If you’re going to invest resources in analytics, you want assurance that it will produce the information and impact you need.

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Customer Segmentation

Customer segmentation divides your customer base into groups that are similar in specific ways, such as demographic and psychographic.  Segmenting customers allows you to identify group behavior and preferences. Use the understanding of your customers to improve marketing messages, optimize pricing, and increase customer retention.

Market Basket Analysis

Market Basket Analysis (MBA) is used to understand the purchase patterns of shoppers. This analysis uncovers associations between products or product groups.

MBA is used to find cross-selling opportunities in associated product categories, and up-selling opportunities within categories.

Customer Churn

Retailers need to keep track of the rate of attrition in their customer base. Acquiring new customers is far more costly than retaining existing customers. Customer churn analysis helps you identify key factors driving churn and develop a churn prevention strategy to improve customer retention, loyalty, and lifetime value.

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