Analytics for Digital Marketers

Bolt-On Analytics Service for Marketing Agencies

Data-Informed Marketing

As a marketing agency, you specialize in specific areas, such as paid search, SEM, email, etc. You have the expertise to deliver your specialty, but not the time and understanding of how to tie-in analytics to help improve marketing results. 

Our specialty is integrating web analytics into your workflow to influence and improve your marketing work. We'll setup web analytics so that it's aligned with your client's marketing goals, and provide actionable feedback on how to improve what you're already doing.

Web Analytics Benefits

  1. Measure performance - web analytics is used to track and measure marketing campaigns. We create a baseline for metrics and goals, then continuously measure and tweak throughout the campaign.

    All of this is done with your marketing strategy and goals in mind so the analytics measurement is directly related to improving results.

  2. Identify opportunity - web analytics is used as an exploratory analysis to identify bottlenecks in the funnel and identify areas that are doing well. Our analysis frameworks are put in place to easily find the pitfalls and opportunities throughout the campaign. 

  3. Actionable Marketing - provide your clients with actionable advice and the data to back it up.

  4. Improve ROI - we use behavior metrics to adjust your marketing strategy and improve conversions.

Web Analytics Services for Marketing Agencies

Web Analytics Audit

Evaluate analytics configuration to identify issues, track and measure marketing goals.

Analytics Implementation

Ongoing analysis to understand visitor behavior trends across your digital platforms to identify challenges and opportunities.

Attribution Analysis

Increase return-on-investment by identifying the most valuable channels, webpages, campaigns, and articles.

Cohort Analysis

Cohort analysis describes the behavior of various groups of website users over time. Use cohort analysis to review previous campaign engagement, and ongoing user engagement benchmarking.

Improve Your Marketing with Analytics