Libraries For Marketing in R

The R programming ecosystem has many libraries to help with common to complex tasks. There are so many libraries that you will often come across libraries that do the same thing and unsure which to choose.

Here is a list of R marketing libraries to help you get started:


Google Analytics (GA) is the backbone of many websites. The Google Analytics platform has a wide range of features, however, there are times when you want to combine web data with other marketing data. The googleAnalyticsR library provides an easy to use interface to retrieve GA data right in R.



Google Search Console is useful for understanding organic queries that are associated with website content. The searchConsoleR library provides access to this data in R. An example use case for searchConsoleR is SEO keyword analysis.



gmailr has complete functionality to write, send, delete and retrieve messages. For the purpose of marketing analysis, you will mostly be interested in retrieving messages.

Using the gm_messages function, you can retrieve emails from a Gmail inbox using a search query. This is really powerful if you have customer data stored in Gmail (eg. customer surveys, customer support).



RFM analysis is a technique used to identify how recently a customer has purchased (recency), how often a customer purchases (frequency), and how much money a customer spends (monetary value).


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