Web Analytics

Measure performance and identify what works in your marketing

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Web analytics is the process of collecting, analyzing and reporting web data to measure the performance of marketing. The core of web analytics is website data, but may also include integration of other services, such as email.

The most common web analytics tools are Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics. Web analytics tools use javascript to integrate into a website and provide the capability of monitoring user behavior to measure marketing goals.

Web Analytics Services

Web Analytics Audit

Evaluate analytics configuration to identify issues, measurement setup and areas of opportunity.

Attribution Analysis

Increase return-on-investment by identifying the most valuable channels, webpages, campaigns, and articles.

Analytics Implementation

Analyze website data to understand visitor behavior trends across your digital platforms, such as desktop, mobile web, and apps to identify challenges and opportunities.

Cohort Analysis

Cohort analysis describes the behavior of various groups of website users over time. Use cohort analysis to review previous campaign engagement, and ongoing user engagement benchmarking.