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Fast Food Promotion Campaign Effectiveness

Marketing Analytics – Fast-Food Promotion Effectiveness

Summary A fast-food chain plans to add a new item to their menu. However, they are undecided on three possible marketing campaigns for promoting the new item. The new item is introduced at several randomly selected markets to…
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Thanksgiving Dinner Marketing Survey Data Analysis

Thanksgiving Dinner – Marketing Survey Data Analysis

Table of Contents IntroductionObjectiveData AnalysisThe Result4a. Business Value4b. The Perfect Thanksgiving Meal 1. Introduction In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I’ve decided to perform an analysis on a Thanksgiving day meal survey that was conducted a few years ago.…
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Digital Marketing and Data Science

Marketing Analytics & Data Science

Summary The data science community, Kaggle, recently announced the Google Analytics Customer Revenue Prediction competition. The competition uses data from the Google Merchandise store, and the challenge is to create a model that will predict the total revenue…
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