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Thanksgiving Dinner Marketing Survey Data Analysis

Thanksgiving Dinner – Marketing Survey Data Analysis

Table of Contents IntroductionObjectiveData AnalysisThe Result4a. Business Value4b. The Perfect Thanksgiving Meal 1. Introduction In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I’ve decided to perform…
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Feather Pen

5 Tips to Create High Search-Ranking Content

Below are 5 best practices for creating content that will help your search engine optimization rankings: 1. Know Your Market Be sure you…
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Code of Ethics

What You Need to Know About Ethical SEO

Similar to computer hacking, search engine optimization (SEO) tactics can be classified as good/white, bad/black, and gray/somewhere-in-between. Here’s a description of each to…
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Digital Marketing and Data Science

Marketing Analytics & Data Science

Summary The data science community, Kaggle, recently announced the Google Analytics Customer Revenue Prediction competition. The competition uses data from the Google Merchandise…
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