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Customer Segmentation with RFM Analysis using K-Means Cluster

Customer Segmentation and RFM Analysis with K-Means Clustering – Part 2

I. Business Objective An E-Commerce business wants to keep customers active in purchasing. The business would like to understand customer purchasing behavior to prioritize marketing by customer groups and send relevant promotions to existing customers. Segmenting customers will allow the E-Commerce business…
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Marketing Strategy vs Marketing Tactics

Don’t Confuse Marketing Tactics with Strategy

Something I often see in marketing and technology is people who choose tactics without a strategy. Even if the goal is implicit, always start marketing with a clear defined goal and terms of success.  In this article, I…
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Targeted Marketing with Customer Segmentation and RFM Analysis

Targeted Marketing with Customer Segmentation and RFM Analysis – Part 1

Introduction An eCommerce business wants to target customers that are likely to become inactive.  In this article, I will use a grouping technique called customer segmentation, and group customers by their purchase activity. Customer segmentation is the process…
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