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Customer Segmentation with RFM Analysis using K-Means Cluster

Customer Segmentation and RFM Analysis with K-Means Clustering – Part 2

I. Business Objective An E-Commerce business wants to keep customers active in purchasing. The business would like to understand customer purchasing behavior to prioritize…
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Marketing Strategy vs Marketing Tactics

Don’t Confuse Marketing Tactics with Strategy

Something I often see in marketing and technology is people who choose tactics without a strategy. Even if the goal is implicit, always…
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Targeted Marketing with Customer Segmentation and RFM Analysis

Targeted Marketing with Customer Segmentation and RFM Analysis – Part 1

Introduction An eCommerce business wants to target customers that are likely to become inactive.  In this article, I will use a grouping technique…
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Choose a Niche

Who’s your target audience (niche)?

Most businesses feel like selecting a niche will cause them to lose opportunities. I argue that selecting a niche helps a business gain…
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